"50 oggetti + !" RETURNS

The iconographic exhibition “50 oggetti+!. Il grande gioco dell’industria” is back,  curated by Francesca Molteni and organised by MUSEIMPRESA ‚ÄźItalian association for Corporate Archives and Museums. The travelling exhibition – which was inaugurated in Milan  on 8th October 2015 for the first time , during the Expo in the City events counting over  20 thousand visitors – has been moved to the  Museo Tornielli di Ameno (NO) from  1st July to 28th August. ” It tells the story of  fifty objects that have been selected from the collections of the corporate archives and museums associated to Museimpresa, in cooperation with the curators.” Amongst the ‘50+! oggetti’, the “mould” as well, indispensible tool for the manufacturing of handmade paper, chosen as the icon to represent the history of the paper-manufacturing industry. In fact, the Fondazione G. Fedrigoni, Istituto Europeo di Storia della Carta e delle Scienze Cartarie (ISTOCARTA) foundation, that curates and manages the historical paper heritage of the paper- mill Cartiere Miliani Fabriano, has exhibited  some ‘images’ of one of the  2,300  “moulds” that have been inherited by the paper-mill based in Fabriano. A one of a kind piece thanks to the technique implemented  in its making, which reveals all the mastery of the papermakers from Fabriano and which tells the story  behind a ‘Made in Italy’ company , which is well-known worldwide. 


For further information consult. www.museimpresa.com.


View photos of the 1st edition at Expo Milan 2015.