A precious edition. "THE MOULD, Paper-and mould-maker in the history of western paper"

It is a precious volume for the topic but also for the editorial style, presented  on Friday 27th May 2016 at the Oratorio della Carità. The third volume of the prestigious series of the History of Paper “L’era del segno” edited in its first two volumes (Volume 1 in 2003 and Volume2 in 2006) by Cartiere Miliani Fabriano - Fedrigoni Group, which today ideally passes the baton to the G. Fedrigoni ISTOCARTA Foundation with this last volume entitled LA FORMA. Formisti e Cartai nella Storia della Carta Occidentale (THE MOULD. Paper-and Mould-Makers in the History of Western Paper) curated by Giancarlo Castagnari (paper historian), which represents, without a doubt, one-of – a kind in its genre in Italy for the topic dealt with, the “mould” – indispensable tool for the production of hand-made paper since the XIII century- which is narrated in its historic and techno-scientific realm; it was born out of the desire to make known and enhance the precious 2.295 watermarked “moulds”(dating back to 1846), inherited by the historic Cartiere Miliani Fabriano; recently restored and transferred to the historical paper archeology building in Fabriano, headquarters of the G. Fedrigoni ISTOCARTA Foundation. 


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