The numerous initiatives promoted by ‘Fondazione Gianfranco Fedrigoni, Istituto Europeo di Storia della Carta e delle Scienze Cartarie’ (ISTOCARTA) foundation based in Fabriano (Italy),  have over the last months attracted particular interest amongst paper historians throughout the world. The excellent feedback received has  favoured the idea of proposing to the foreign public what had already been presented in Italy and precisely in Fabriano during the 1st national conference held in Italy on Industrial Paper Archaeology (27-28 May 2016).

Fondazione G. Fedrigoni ISTOCARTA represented by the Spanish writer and paper-scholar Josè Carlos Balmaceda Abrate  (Member of the Scientific Board of ISTOCARTA), as well as by Peter Bower (Honorary Member of ISTOCARTA), is to present its latest publication first in Spain and then in England, on the third volume of the prestigious work on the History of Paper “The era of the sign”, THE MOULD. Paper-And-Mould-Makers in the History of Western paper edited by Giancarlo Castagnari.

Josè Carlos Balmaceda Abrate in Valencia, on occasion of 33rd Conference of Paper Historians (20 - 24 September 2016) promoted by the International Paper Historians (IPH), and Peter Bower at Harrogate (Yorkshire - England), during 27th Annual Conference of British Paper Historians (23 - 25 September 2016) promoted by theBritish Association of Paper Historians (BAPH) – both co-authors of the publication –will be presentingthemuchappreciated work.

On both occasions, news will be disclosed of Fondazione G. Fedrigoni ISTOCARTA’s acquisition of the historical collection of ancient papers from Fabriano dating from1267(nos.  1.887 ancient watermarks) belonging to the filigranology  scholarAugusto Zonghi (1840 - 1916), aspired by many paper experts worldwide.

Furthermore,  Josè Carlos Balmaceda Abrate, is to publicly and officially inaugurate the 3rd edition of the biennial award promoted by Fondazione G. Fedrigoni ISTOCARTA, which as from this year onwards, will become “international” and “itinerant”. The first will be held in Spain


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