A gift to Vittorio Sgarbi

Saturday 17th September 2016, the renown Professor Vittorio Sgarbi presented his book entitled “La costituzione e la bellezza” (The constitution and Beauty) in Fabriano, and then inaugurated the exhibition  ‘Maestro d’arte cartaria,’ Sandro Tiberi (Master of the art of paper-making, Sandro Tiberi). “Craftsman” by excellence, but “artist” too, who has been capable of fully exploiting the potential of “paper” by moulding it until he has been able to obtain an artistic product which has aroused interest in the famous art-critique.

Professor Sgarbi presented his book in the splendid ‘Oratorio della Carità’ at 6.00 pm, from where he then moved onto the “Accademy of the Arts of Paper” , inaugurating the exhibition by Sandro Tiberi.  

The artist and craftsman Tiberi, nevertheless first and foremost papermaker in Cartiere Miliani, where he was able to learn the art of manufacturing “handmade paper”.  A strong bond which has since never been broken despite having decided to leave the paper-mill to set up on his own, and which today has gained him fame as craftsman in the  Italian artistic-paper manufacturing sector. In fact, he has been cooperating with ‘Fondazione G. Fedrigoni ISTOCARTA’ for several years , a perfect blend between tradition and history: the tradition in handmade paper manufacturing in the full respect of  the ancient workmanship of XIII century and the history narrated through  documents dating back to 1782 as well as the huge  historical paper heritage, unique in its type throughout the world for quality and quantity, which was inherited by the Paper-mill of Fabriano and curedtoday by the ‘Fondazione G. Fedrigoni ISTOCARTA.’

For this reason, on occasion of the inauguration of his exhibition, Sandro Tiberi, on behalf of ISTOCARTA, had the opportunity to pay homage to Vittorio Sgarbi with the third volume of the prestigious series on the History of Paper  “L’era del segno”, LA FORMA. Formisti e Cartai nella Storia della Carta Occidentale (The era of the Mark , the Mould. Mould-and-papermakers in Western Paper history ) edited by Giancarlo Castagnari, which has been highly  appreciated by the professor,  who then expressed the desire to directly visit the headquarters  of the Istituto and the paper heritage conserved therein .


For further information, see  Sandro Tiberi


***Photo by courtesy of Sandro Tiberi.