Paper Industry Gold Medal 2018 - PETER BOWER

We are very glad to communicate that our Honorary member, co-foundar of the British Association of Paper Historians (BAPH)Peter Bower, receinved the prestigious award "Paper Industry Gold Medal" like "an internationally respected paper historian, consultant and forensic paper analyst, specialising in the examination and analysis of paper for the purpose of dating, authentication, attribution and usage. Peter’s clients include museums, galleries, auction houses, dealers, lawyers and mpapermakers who consult him on a broad range of topics including works of art, forged bank notes and fraudulent business papers. His wide-ranging knowledge and expertise have qualified him to be recognised as an ‘expert’ in all things related to ‘paper’", so writes the Honorary Secretary Barry R. Read, in the note to the prize. Lat 2nd of May 2018, during a dinner in the Stationers' hall in London, Peter Bower received ufficially the medal by the Master of the Stationers' Company, Nick Steidl.

We would like to express to Peter Bower our heartfelt compliments for theimportant recognition, honored to have him among members of the Institute.

For more information, see The Stationers' Company.

Photos by "David Jones Photography" (exctract from "The Stationaers' Company" website).