The 2022 Artist's Residence has started

The new edition of the Residenza d’Artista 2022 has officially started.

The photographer and storyteller Brahmino and architect Giuseppe Ricupero have finally arrived in Fabriano to give life to a tale with two voices, dedicated to the deep and unbreakable link between the historic spaces dedicated to the paper processing and Fabriano territory, thanks to the 12 stories selected from dozens of anecdotes and memories received during the call to action “Raccontami una storia” addressed to the inhabitants of the “city of paper”.

An artistic project, promoted by the Fedrigoni Fabriano Foundation in collaboration with FABRIANO, which wants on the one hand to collect and safeguard the precious testimonies of the community that has lived the spaces of the old Paper Mill and on the other hand projecting creativity into the future to imagine a new life of the places they have seen the production in action and its evolution.

The selected peolple will have the privilege of entering the abandoned premises of the historic Paper Mill, where Brahmino set up the photographic set, and relive those spaces telling their story live.

Photos and videos of Brahmino and the contribution of Giuseppe Ricupero will be exhibited during the XXI Settimana della Cultura d’Impresa (November 2022).

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