The Fondazione Fedrigoni Fabriano is a non-profit foundation and  aims  at promoting research-studies on paper, filigranology (the study of watermarks) and associated disciplines as well as the development and the dissemination of paper sciences. In particular hence, its scope is to publish the results of research-studies thus contributing in the enhancement of paper historiography; to organise conferences, seminars, meetings on topics and issues linked to the history of paper, calling for the participation of Italian and foreign historians and scholars; to establish and maintain relations and promote cultural exchanges with universities, academies, museums, libraries, private and public historical archives, as well as single scholars and researchers;  to protect historical, archaeological and archive heritage pertaining to the paper industry, as well as the traditional medieval techniques implemented in the paper manufacturing process; to carry out museum activities aimed at the conservation, maintenance and good use of archive and library assets,  archaeological remains, historical paper heritage of  Miliani paper-mill owned by Fedrigoni S.p.A.; put in place cultural synergies jointly with the ‘Pia Università dei Cartai’.

Furthermore, the Foudation has continued managing the editorial activities of ‘Pia Università dei Cartai’ which began in 1986 with the publishing of “Collana di Storia della Carta” (Series on Paper History) edited by Giancarlo Castagnari.

*Credits images- © Fondazione Fedrigoni Fabriano